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scri urst Drspan3" })sh3>Median list price$57,450
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Median sold prkce$38,750
Sa sanoalist price91.9% Properties sold120 Median sq ft price$31 scrisctle-='mls_mkt_up'>< < scri> Arv>< Listage Prkee History Det new rbw.ui.ListageHistory("3850963", "ohneoh", 188518478).render pr).s }); }) scrisid="lut aged141: -prkee-history"strle-sucol-d141: slclblainer" scrisctle-="d141: slheader">Listage Prkee History for 5171 Greress">5171).div }) Gdivstrle-sud141: slinfo">

Map Herants Real Estate

Map Herants, Ohio 44137 has a "opulatcla of 23,136).span>.w(); w(); )/y-st>

The median household income n MMp Herants, Ohio 44137 is $38,358).span>. )/y-st> The median household income for the surroundagedd unty is $43,861).span> comparedeft"the natae al median of $53,046).span>. )/y-st> The median age of peop livpng in Map Herants 44137 is 40.8 years.).span>

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The data relatcng to real estate for sa e athis websitedd mes in part from the Intkrnet Data Exchange program of NEOHREX. Real estate listages held byabrokerage firms other thanante owner of this sitedare marked with the Intkrnet Data Exchange logo and detailed informatcla aboutantem includesanhe name of the listage broker(s). IDX informatcla is provided exclusposly fordd nsumers' personal, nonlasmmercial use and mayanot be used for any purpose other thanano identify prospectcve properties consumers may be interested in purchasage. Informatie adeemed reli <
Informatie ais deemed reliab butais not guaranteed.
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