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Aging in Place Villages: A New Model for Senior Living

Most seniors hope to keep calling the house they’re in now “home” for their remaining years. When surveyed, 87% have said they hope to age in place – staying in the house many of them have lived in for years for the rest of their lives.

That desire is reshaping how senior care looks. While assisted living facilities and nursing homes are still both widely available and necessary in many cases, savvy seniors are working to find solutions that put aging in place within reach for more and more of the senior population.

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8 Advantages of Moving Into a Senior Community

As a senior citizen, selling your home and transitioning into a senior community can be emotional. Knowing the benefits of living in a senior community can help transform those fears into excitement. Big and small changes can be scary at any age, however once we understand the positives of change we can embrace it and we are better able to release that fear and move forward.

If you are thinking about moving into a community or you have a loved one who is in need of transitioning out of their home, these 8 positives from others who have made the move just may give you the encouragement needed to feel good making the change.

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Senior Living Real Estate Trends

When you think about people buying real estate, you might picture the young and upwardly mobile, or the couple ready to start a family. Nearly 80% of seniors own a home though, which makes them an influential demographic in the world of real estate.

That will only become more the case in the years to come as the senior population grows at a rapid pace. The choices seniors make about where they want to live are poised to shape a large segment of the real estate market. And seniors themselves can expect to have far more options for where they spend their retirement years than generations that came before. Here are a few of the trends people interested in real estate should be paying attention to.

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Sell or Rent to Pay For Senior Care

Every year the cost of senior care seems to go up. According to Genworth’s recent survey: Nursing homes cost an average of $92,387 a year for a private room, and $82,125 for a shared one; Assisted living homes cost an average of $43,539 a year; Home health aides cost an average of $46,332 a year.

That’s more than sending a kid to college. Few families can comfortably shoulder those costs, but when seniors start to need that level of care, they have to find a way.

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