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Client Testimonials

Phil and Joey are a great team and have been incredibly dependable during the years I have known them. They were always a good resource for real estate information, but I finally had the pleasure to work with Phil directly with a purchase. He was detailed and thorough with every step, communicated effectively throughout and listened to every concern. He helped prioritize our interests and researched all the relevant info for each property we looked at. Not to mention he was very responsive and available when we needed to visi

 Christian Moore

Phil Levy and Joey Levy were extremely effective and competent in fulfilling my real estate needs. I would highly recommend both individuals to anyone in search of a qualified real estate professional. Throughout the entire process of searching, finding , negotiating and closing of my new home, both men were extremely patient, helpful and insightful for every step of the process. I felt completely comfortable relying on their knowledge to educate me on the market essentials and to guide me through the negotiating process. I knew they always had my best interest at heart.


We recently had the opportunity to work with Phil and Joey Levy in the sale of our property in Valencia, CA. Prior to speaking with Phil, we thought there were two aspects to this sale that would be problematic. The first was that the house was tenant occupied and secondly, since we had moved out of the area, this would be a long distance transaction that would require some blind trust. Our first concern was mitigated by the skilled and considerate manner in which Phil and Joey were able to deal with the needs of the tenant as she transitioned out while at the same time keeping the sale of the property as the primary focus. As for our second concern, we found that Phil’s competency in preparing a sales strategy and marketing plan coupled with his frequent and timely communication went a long way to make us lose our fear of conducting the sale transactions from out of town. Throughout the negotiations, Phil was very skilled in making appropriate counters and keeping us all on the same page. If you are looking for a competent agent that is also considerate and communicative, then we highly recommend Phil and Joey. Our entire experience was so painless it was almost enjoyable.

Lee and Diane

Thanks to Phil and Joey Levy’s efforts I was able to successfully short sale a vacant property. This property was formerly tenant occupied by a smoker and was cosmetically in rather poor condition. Approval was needed from two different lenders further complicating and delaying the process. Between the property’s condition and lenders’ delays several buyers cancelled their agreements even further delaying the process. But Phil and Joey were extremely persistent at staying on top of the process, escalating the short sale process when needed and finding new buyers. Their pricing recommendations were always consistent with the market and then validated by the lenders valuations and the buyers’ appraisals. Throughout this process Phil was always readily accessible to discuss the situation and keep me updated. I truly appreciate their strenuous efforts on my behalf and it is my great pleasure to recommend these professionals to anyone seeking technically competent assistance with their real estate matters.

Mike C.

We have been very impressed with Phil & Joey Levy. They helped us look at all areas, and too many homes to count, in the Santa Clarita Valley. Their team approach is awesome. We would drive by a listed property, and then call Phil to schedule a listing. If Phil was not available, Joey would be available to meet us at the showing. They were always punctual and allowed us to spend as much time as necessary to see the home.Once we found a house that we wanted to purchase, Phil was very detailed in showing us the true market value of the home. We made offers on two different properties. On was overpriced, and the sellers would not reduce their price. Phil definitely saved us for overpaying on this one. The second offer placed, Phil advised us to offer $15,000 less than the listing price, and we ended up purchasing it for $10,000 less. Phil also does an awesome job in overseeing the closing process. He is very detail oriented and did not miss anything. We couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Thanks to Phil and Joey, our dreams are coming true. ~

Mark, Elena and Nathan Hartzell

Phillip and Joey was awesome. They helped me find the right house and went above and beyond everyday to find the house that I want. The communication was really good and if there was a house that I want to look at. They would make time for me to look at it at that time and day. The service was amazing in every way of what I wanted to get this house to closed. I wouldn't be in this house without these two amazing people going above and beyond every day for me.

Thank you for your help

Eric Stelnick (3/15/2017)

Phil and Joey Levy went above and beyond to find me the perfect home. From the very beginning, they asked me what I was looking for in a home and set me up on their app and email service so I would receive updates when new homes that met my criteria came on the market. When I saw a property I wanted to visit, Phil and Joey were quick to set up appointments. They came to each walkthrough prepared with information on the property and comps for similar recent listings. Phil and I are both numbers people, so I appreciated his attention to the numerical data.

I found a condo that I loved in August, but the asking price wasn't reasonable considering the shape the place was in. Phil and I kept our eye on the property, watching it go on and off the market and dropping in price several times over a 3-month span. Phil was persistent in his efforts to negotiate an offer for the condo, and my offer was finally accepted. Phil thoroughly explained the escrow process and what obstacles I might expect. I went through escrow with my eyes wide open, and I felt fully prepared for what could happen. I am thrilled to say that closed escrow a couple of weeks ago, and the process went very smoothly. Since closing, Phil has helped arrange repairs and given me the names of many reputable contractors. Having an agent with so many connections has been a huge plus in working with Phil. I will be able to save a lot of money using Phil's recommended contractors.

In the future, I will absolutely recommend Phil and Joey to anyone who is looking to buy or sell a house in the Santa Clarita Valley. Their expertise and professionalism is second to none, and they are also great people. I am so happy that I asked them to help me buy my first home, and they will be the first people I go to when I have real estate needs in the future. Thank you, Phil and Joey!

Emily Yacoobian (1/3/2017)

Phil has been my realtor since summer of 2014 when he helped me find and purchase my first home. I loved working with Phil so much that when it was time to sell my home I gave him the listing. Phil is honest, understanding, knowledgeable and extremely thorough. His follow up is extremely persistent and he gets the job done. Phil’s expertise in the real estate market is superb and his guidance has benefited me during the sale of our house.

I would recommend him to any one of my friends or family if they were looking for a home. I will be working with him again in finding a house for the next purchase. I know he will not steer me wrong and I believe that he will negotiate out the best deal possible.

Roman Khaletsky (12/26/2016)

My wife Lupita and I would like to express our deepest appreciation to Phil and Joey Levy for helping us sell our property in Canyon Country, CA in a very short time (our property went into escrow in less than a month). We had tenants living in that property and Phil and Joey’s experience coordinating with them as well as our property management company made that process seamless and effective throughout the entire transition to the new owners. We can’t praise enough the wealth of experience that Phil and Joey brought to the table during negotiations, and taking into consideration that we conducted all communications remotely (as my wife and I live in Texas), their responsiveness and commitment to exceed our expectations was phenomenal. Thank you again for your hard work and dedication.

Rodolfo Szoke

We were referred to Phil Levy by our loan officer, and it was truly an unexpected blessing. Our first time meeting Phil was over the phone, as we were currently living in the Midwest. He was incredibly thorough, patient, and heard our needs. Not only was he warm and welcoming during our first conversation, he took time to ask questions and was able to formulate an effecient search to begin sending us properties via email. Phil's communication with us was amazing, he did as he said he would, he was prompt, he followed through. My husband and I planned to travel to Santa Clarita for an extended weekend to look at properties before we moved our family there. Phil cleared his schedule and devoted three days to us. Each morning, he was early to arrive at our hotel, brief us on the day and then take us around. He had an immense knowledge of the quickly changing market, and was flexible at showing us any property of interest, even if it popped up in the middle of our day and wasn't on our schedule. He paid close attention to our personalities and interests and went out of his way to show us places of interest as we drove from property to property. Per our request, Phil was kind enough to spend very long days with us, and we were lucky enough to find our new home during that time. He made sure we were comfortable and informed in all aspects before we left the area, and spend quality time explaining legal documents. He was honest and fair in the negotiating process, and was able to secure our home in the price range we were hoping for. All in all, we could not have had a better experience in buying our new home. Matter of fact, several weeks have gone by since the close of our home, and Phil is still checking on us to make sure things have gone smoothly and that we're satisfied. We have been blown away by the expertise, professionalism, and kindness of Phil Levy. We will recommend him to anyone, and be sure to use him in any future real estate endeavors.


To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing to recommend Phil Levy and his partner Joey Levy should you be in the market to have someone sell your real estate. I owned a single family residence that I had converted to rental property and wanted to sell it. Phil was recommended to me by my property management company. Upon meeting Phil I quickly understood why he was recommended.

Phil came very prepared, offering me an in depth analysis of the market. He had a number of comps trended over time to give me an idea if I was dealing with a seller's market or a buyer's market. He logically outlined competing properties and was straight forward about what made my property desirable and (more importantly to me) the drawbacks: specifically; that we had to deal with a tenant. He presented what I considered to be a realistic pricing strategy based on market conditions, and I was pleased that he didn't try to pump up my expectations. He was plainspoken and upfront about pricing. We agreed on a price range and slide scale that I was comfortable with.

Phil and Joey put together a fantastic video showcasing the house and provided a very detailed MLS listing description. He kept in touch with me as activity warranted, and additionally provided me with a detailed weekly status. As market conditions and activity dictated, we discussed moving the price to the next notch in our scale. He then followed up with a report on the impact of the price move.

Once a buyer emerged, Phil's experience and wisdom came to the fore. Phil sensed the buyer was not very strong. We proceeded to see if the buyer could withstand a proper vetting process. As it turned out the buyer withdrew and Phil's sense proved correct.

Now you're probably thinking, what's so great about that? Well, two things:

1. I didn't have to hassle with a potentially messy sale or go too deep into the escrow only to have things fall through.

2. Based on information Phil gathered, he suggested we reposition the price and within a few days, a much stronger buyer came along and we were able to close the deal.

Based on Phil's experience and advice, we threw back a small fish, and landed a much better one.

During the escrow process, Phil was quick to get materials to me. He used the most convenient technology to speed the transaction and kept me informed of any questions or concerns the buyer had. If I had any questions, he was quick to respond. Phil also dealt fairly with the tenant, keeping him informed as well, and as a result, there were no issues. When I have business dealings I look for people with knowledge and wisdom. I look for experience and expertise. I look for someone who's open and frank. And, most importantly, someone who engenders trust. I found all of these qualities in Phil Levy.

I think you will too.

James Yokers

Phil & Joey Levy are true pros. Our family's experience during our home buying process wasn't without pressure and obstacles due to the market conditions, but thanks to Phil & Joey's skill and astuteness, we more than triumphed! We were buying during a seller's market with extremely low inventory in our market. Phil & Joey were extremely proactive and almost always secured us in a prime position; we were almost always first to see homes for sale in within our our criteria. This is thanks to the care, flexibility, attention, and professionalism of the Phil & Joey onetwo punch!

Phil also took his time to carefully review all aspects of our real estate offer documents (and counteroffers). Phil and Joey Levy always put us miles ahead of the deal, and even further ahead of their own needs. We know that they were looking out for our best interests and that we would not be rushed into a bad decision or wrong home. There were a few times that we were willing to over pay for a house, or willing to agree to unreasonable requests from the sellers' counteroffers, but Phil & Joey always protected us from a deal or a house that was not right for us. Phil's knowledge of house values and of the inspection reports/process was also key for us, as he definitely saved us from falling into a money pit one time around.

If you are looking for a team that is extremely capable and moreover truly care about your goals and well being, Phil & Joey is the team for you.

Thank you Phil & Joey for getting us in to our new home!! The warm and professional treatment was outstanding. Thank you for our "welcome to your new home" basket and continuing to check in on us and our satisfaction with our house. We love it! Thank you!

The Bull Family